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Ed Horch: Completely Nonymous

No handles, pseudonyms, anonymizers, etc.

Hard Chowder
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This is a celebration of the white suburban upper-middle-class mundane. In other words, I am what you are terrified you might become.

I'm a certifiable Old Fart®. I'm happily married, 49, father of an thirteen-year-old and a seven-year-old. I am not looking for a date, so please don't misconstrue communication from me, even unsolicited, as having that intent.

Computing-wise, I started out punching paper tape on an ASR-33 in 1975. I know the spirit-crushing sound of a deck of punch cards falling into a puddle. I remember when the thickness of the fan-fold printout told you whether your program ran. Uphill. Both ways.

I'm a flaming liberal who worked in the heart of the military industrial complex and would gladly do it again. Go figure.

I try to keep my language on here PG-rated because my grandparents and their great-grandchildren read this. Obviously, I have no control over any linked content, including my friends page, and they're free to write whatever they want.

Although this journal will never be friends-only, I write it primarily for my friends (RL and otherwise) and family, and for me. If you've stumbled upon this by accident, and you like what you see, you're welcome to come along for the ride. If not, I wish you success in your search for interesting content.

Except for the Monster logo, Special-needs Dad and the church sign, all my user pictures are original. Use them if you'd like, but please credit me, and leave me a comment.

The picture on the title bar is a 410-point Scrabble play. In my dreams.

NOTICE: This communication may contain privileged or other confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, or believe that you have received this communication in error, please do not--aw hell, it's my own freakin' fault you got it in the first place so do whatever you want with it.