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Breaking things, Part 1

Date:2013-04-06 18:39
Subject:Breaking things, Part 1

[Since I've always seen LJ as less ephemeral than FB, this does kind of belong here.]

Until last year, I had never broken a bone.  I had no idea what it might feel like.  Then on Father's Day, it happened.  My right foot went half off some pavement, my ankle turned way inside, and I and everyone around me heard what sounded like the loudest knuckle crack ever.  It hurt, but only about a 5 or 6 on the ten-point scale. When it happened, I immediately went down, and my left leg took all the weight, getting cut up in a bunch of places.  Of course, this had to happen at a campsite, two hours from home.  I recruited Brian (you know he's 13 now?) to load up the car while I patched up the cuts, then I drove home.  The pain was down some, and I knew I'd pass close to several hospitals on the way home, but I really wanted to go to my local hospital, just for the easier paperwork.

We made it home fine, I had almost no wait in the ER, and the X-ray definitely showed a break.  But it was only a stage 1 break (a crack) instead of stage 2 (a split with a gap) or stage 3 (displacement).  Between the ER and the first orthopedist appointment, we all played amateur doctor and tried to decide whether this was a Jones fracture or an avulsion fracture.  Turns out it was both: visible only to a specialist's eye was a second break.  So I walk out of there with what I came to call Das Boot, no surgery, and a whole lot of gratitude: The alternative to the fractures was all manner of torn ligaments, soft tissue damage, pain, physical therapy, pain, more time on crutches, and pain.

Fast forward two months.  By then Eileen was understandably sick of driving me everywhere, but YAY, Das Boot could come off.  Aside from the rare minor ache, everything looked and felt fine.  The orthopedist and I thought that a great rehab would be to do Couch-to-5K from the beginning, even though I had been doing a good bit of running before the accident.  I agreed to do it absolutely by the book.  No overdoing anything.  Turns out that after being laid up that long, I was far enough out of shape that for the most part overdoing it was never an issue.

Things went great...


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