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I'm just going to come out and say it

Date:2013-09-17 13:50
Subject:I'm just going to come out and say it
Current Mood:cynical cynical

The Second Amendment needs to be repealed. Not that I want guns outlawed or confiscated--I DON'T, so hold the hate mail.

Two reasons:

First, I just don't believe that gun ownership is a right in the same sense as the freedoms of speech, religion or the others in the Bill of Rights. Gun ownership and use should be privileges in the same sense that ownership and operation of motor vehicles are privileges. First you have to demonstrate that you can do it safely and lawfully. If you then do it unsafely or unlawfully, the privileges are revoked.

On a more abstract level, everything in the Bill of Rights has statutory limits (well, except maybe the Third Amendment). But as long as the gun debate is dominated by the extremes--"Unless you're a cop or a soldier, no guns ever" and "You can't deny me or the voices in my head our Constitutional rights!"--we'll never find the "sweet spot" that we have with the other amendments. What other freedom in the Bill of Rights has as much variation from state to state as the gun laws? I predict that in our lifetimes, this country will never come to agreement as to what "the right to keep and bear arms" really is. If nobody can agree on the meaning of a law, it has no business being part of the supreme law of the land.

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