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Date:2016-12-20 17:08
Subject:Posting every couple years whether it needs it or not
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I used to rank LJ, FB and Twitter like this:

LJ: Check out the pictures of our bathroom remodel!
FB: Finally finished our bathroom remodel
Twitter: I've gotta pee

IOW, I saw LJ as less ephemeral than FB, and far less than Twitter.

I still kind of wish so much of my social media world hadn't migrated to FB, although I can clearly see why and how it happened. (Hint: a billion users.) And now, FB has fallen out of fashion among the younger crowd. None of the kids in the youth group I advise use it at all, except maybe for messaging. They're all on Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, and any number of other sites whose names are missing vowels.

Oh, for the days when it was just us and Blogger (except for the furries, who all went over to DeviantArt).

Date:2016-12-21 02:15 am (UTC)
And MySpace is but a dim memory. :-)

I only did Facebook for a couple years, and Twitter for a couple weeks. I don't have any of the others you list.

But 12 years on LJ and going strong!

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